weeding by species

I am a gardener. I am also a hoarder of sorts. Not the flat cats under 15 years of newspaper kind of hoarder, but the kind that likes to see the usefulness of things with a tendency to hang onto them for too long.

This is why I weed by species. My garden is a collection of primarily native plants. It plays right into my love of nature: birds, trees, bugs, flowers. I gather seeds. I collect them even. I have some invasive plants that overwhelm me with their presence, so I choose a species and work on weeding that one out. Most recently I was working on Lamiastrum galeobdolon, a European species. Next on my list will be the Boston Ivy, another European species that creeps over trees and smothers them.

My home is weeded out by species too. Papers. I recently weeded them out. Clothing is next. Or maybe its drawer by drawer. Breaking the project down to simple tasks or categoriy makes it achievable. Each drawer, each weed cleared is an accomplishment and lifts my spirit! And so far, I have found zero flat cats!